What we do


  • Wholesale and retail trade in building materials

    Construction, Sanitary, Electrical & Decoration Material.
  • General contracting for buildings

    ( Constructions, Reparations, Demolition & Rebuilding ) General buildings, Residence buildings, Commercial buildings, Educational & entertainment facilities, Airport buildings & other buildings.
  • Wholesale and retail trade

    Utensils, Food, Accessories, Mechanical & Electrical Devices, Spare parts & thier tools.
  • Transportation, storage services and cooling

  • Cargo Transport on land roads Inside and outside the Kingdom

  • Commercial Services

    Import & export, Marketing & Commercial Agencies.
  • Management, operation and possession of bakeries, restaurants and catering services

  • Establishment, organization and management of temporary and permanent exhibitions and thier services

  • Management, maintenance and development of real estate and equipment leasing